~The Grid~

The Grid is a turn-based deck-building strategy game.

Pick the best available spell, use your spells in the correct order and place, position yourself in a safe place and pray you'll become:

The Grid Alpha!

Enjoy playing against your friends online, or chill with the single-player roguelike arena that will challenge your skills!

The game is still in active development. Any comment will be much appreciated!

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How do picked up cards work?  Do they enter your deck?  Do they stay for the whole Arena?

Yeah, picked up cards stay in your deck for the whole arena and replace the card that was in slot, although it's not clear enough. 

What do you think about that?

I think it's fine, but it makes your starting cards less important, and makes getting good drops (not so much what cards appear but what card you are allowed to swap out on a given turn) really important.  It also rewards playing a single level as long as possible rather than opting for a quick victory.  This means, for example, that healing abilities are somewhat more valuable in the early game since they help you drag out an easy fight while you wait for the cards you want to spawn.

Thanks for the feedback!

I understand your thoughts and completely agree. I think I'll make the abilities per-match and not per-arena. Then, maybe, after each match you get to choose one of 3 abilities to add to your deck this arena.

Yeah, that would certainly be simpler to make less grindy :)